Glass Tattoo

Is it possible to make a working tattoo machine out of glass and tattoo with it?
Well, we don’t know yet but we sure gonna try!

It all started when Mats from Pro Tattoo Art contacted Ludvig after seeing several of his previous works. Mats really liked what Ludvig had done, so the question was raised!
Is it possible to bring two worlds together, two art forms?
Is it possible to make a tattoo machine out of glass?
Making a tattoo machine out of glass is very much about details and precision, small parts and lots of finesse. This whole project is driven by curiosity, how will the machine turn out and how good will the tattoo itself becomes?
Ludvig is a trained glass blower, a master, with thousands of hours of practice when it comes to glass and how to handle it. He has given us everything from cute animals to sculls and Old school-roses. At the same time, Ludvig is involved in many other projects, like the worlds famous Juxtapod
a hotrod made out of sparkling crystal.
And now, a tattoo machine. Or?
So who is the tattoo artist that is going to try this machine for the very first time?
Tobias, Toby, Oscarsson is a former graffiti artist that had portraits as his specialty. After 13 years he switched to tattooing instead and says that;
“I believe that it takes a burning heart if you want to get somewhere in this business”. A burning heart that Toby has shown for this unique and once in a lifetime project”.