Glass Tattoo

Is it possible to make a working tattoo machine out of glass and tattoo with it?
Well, we don’t know yet but we sure gonna try!

It all started when Mats from Pro Tattoo Art contacted Ludvig after seeing several of his previous works. Mats really liked what Ludvig had done, so the question was raised!
Is it possible to bring two worlds together, two art forms?
Is it possible to make a tattoo machine out of glass?


Sample Needles

Here you can order some free samples of our Voodoopins.

BrightColour = Optimized taper to make more pigments go into the skin with each stroke.
Curved = Slight curvature to the tip of the needle. Easier to make soft shades.
Flexible = Soldered higher up the needlebar to make the tip of the needle more flexible - Like a brush.
Semicurved = Slightly less curved than regular curved. For those of our customers who want it this way.


Discontinued colours

After several years at Micky Sharpz, the traditional range (And ONLY the traditional range) of colours is now discontinued. Micky Sharpz Easyflow is replacing the traditional colours. If you're not used to these colour we suggest you get used to them since they are fully tested to EU legislation Resolution (ResAP(2008)1) and further 'bio burden' tests (not required by law) which makes them extremely safe for your customers.


Sunskin Power Supply

The NEW PS300 power supply has been developed to simplify the verification of the proper setting, by the speed of machine shown on led display.